Amber (She/Her)

Amber (She/Her)

Starbucks Store Manager

About Amber

What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Cineworld?
My current role within Cineworld is A Starbucks store manager, a TSM which is a regional training store manager ( I train other store managers) and a Coffee Master.
I started within Cineworld on the 30th June 2013 as a Starbucks supervisor when our store in Northampton was first built, in November 2014 I became coffee Master, in January 2015 I became store manager of Northampton Starbucks and in March 2015 I became a training store manager. I have since signed off 20 store managers and over 30 supervisors within other stores beside my own. I had the the amazing opportunity to be picked by Cineworld and Starbucks to go to Rwanda for the Starbucks Origin Experience in May 2017. This not only was eye-opening and educational, but enhance my already determined passion for the company and my role.

What do you enjoy the most about for working for Cineworld?
The sense of ‘family’, the company gives you the opportunity to impact others and build relationships, the goal is not to succeed solo but as a team, Cineworld are very people orientated and they look after their colleagues. I do not feel like a number to the company I feel valued and listened to.

Why would you encourage people to choose a career with Cineworld?
There is many ways to progress within Cineworld, and to hone in on a number of personal skills, you can progress as a full time career or even whilst studying. Cineworld is a flexible company to work with so many ways to challenge and develop yourself.

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