Slavi (She/Her)

Slavi (She/Her)

Operations Supplier Accounts & Licensing Manager

About Slavi

​What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Cineworld?
My current role is Operations Supplier Accounts and Licensing Manager. I started with Cineworld in 2010 as a Team Member and just two years later became a Supervisor. In 2015 I was promoted to a Manager and as such worked in 4 different cinemas and in 2021 was promoted to Deputy General Manager. As I had spent 11 years within Operations I decided it was time for me to learn the other side of the Business and as the opportunities within Cineworld are limitless I found a job that suited my strengths and personality and I decided to move to our Head Office. I am quite curious what Cineworld will offer to me in the future.
What do you enjoy most about working for Cineworld?
Working within a cinema can be quite challenging as you can be very, very busy and face a number of problems that you need to overcome on daily basis, and in my view that is only ever beneficial. The bond you create with your fellow colleagues when you go through challenging times is a strong one. Making friends for life is all but guaranteed. Working with people tends to face you with the unexpected and thinking on your feet, and being a problem solver become second nature. Those are just two of the many skills you acquire while working for Cineworld. Should you wish it you can learn first-hand how to be a leader and how to manage people, you just need not be afraid to dive in. But don’t get me wrong, this path is for those that choose it. Cineworld can also be very appealing for people who are looking for pocket money or to earn something extra while at Uni. It is a job that fits extroverts and introverts alike simply because there are so many different things to be done. And let’s not forget we are a leisure business, the goal is for all to have fun….and free films.
Why would you encourage people to choose a career with Cineworld?
I personally think 18 is too young to be asked to choose your career for life. I started working for Cineworld because they hired me (and it became my first full time job), there wasn’t a specific reason for me choosing Cineworld. Since then I have often stopped to appreciate just how much I have gained out of it. As a Team Member you learn how to be patient, how to work with many different people and how to work as part of a team (those should not be taken for granted). As a Supervisor I learned how to be a leader, how to organise my time and how to take responsibility. As a manager I learned how my words and actions can have consequences and how to lead by example. I also gained all kinds of knowledge that I would have never imagined I would – rostering, stock counting, AV, how to manage people and performance, how to run a business, Health and Safety regulations and so much more. Once I found what I enjoyed doing it was so easy to expand on it as Cineworld is so eager to train and keep talent. Internal progression is not only preferred but also encouraged.

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