Chloe (She/Her)

Chloe (She/Her)

Customer Service Assistant

About Chloe

​What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Picturehouse?

I started working at Picturehouse in June 2021. Up until starting at then I had been working in a busy retail shop for a while and was really wanting to move onto something more fulfilling and better suited to me. Being a member of Picturehouse for around three years prior to getting the job, I was so excited when the opportunity came up and applied immediately!

What do you enjoy the most about for working for Picturehouse?

The most enjoyable aspect of working at Picturehouse is definitely the level of involvement you can have within the cinema. From my first month I have contributed artwork to the building such as a Studio Ghibli themed menu, a Chungking Express poster to promote the past Wong Kar Wai season and a Twin Peaks themed wall advertising our coffee. Drawing and painting is a huge passion of mine so to be given complete free reign on film themed artwork is something that thoroughly makes the job enjoyable for me.

Something that is currently unique to our cinema is our recurring seasons of ‘Harbour Highlights’ (curated by a Duty Manager) which are monthly choices of films picked by different members of staff. Both myself and our Assistant Manager have an avid love for B movies, so when he decided on Plan 9 From Outer Space, I jumped at the chance to get involved. As in my picture, I dressed up as 1950s horror Icon Vampira to film a promo video which was so much fun.

Why would you encourage people to choose a career with Picturehouse?

Not only are the perks of the job extremely good (free film tickets and the opportunity to bring two guests a week with you for free!) but working in an environment where everyone shares the same passion for film is lovely and truly unmatched. I have made many great friends here and my colleagues are the best part of the job. I would tell anyone who loves film, if you’re considering applying, do it!

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