Emma (She/Her)

Emma (She/Her)

Starbucks Supervisor

About Emma

What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Cineworld?
​Worked at Cineworld since 2018 started off as a team member. Worked on the retail department for 2 years, then progress onto the BeMore program learning different parts of the back of house like AV, cash and film times. I joined Starbucks in January 2022 as a supervisor with a quick turnaround of being singed off.

What do you enjoy the most about for working for Cineworld?
I love the environment it's like a Dysfunctional family , the team and work ethic are amazing , I enjoy Decorating the cafe and making up special drinks for our social media post, learning new things and being given the chance to work on myself. and passing on skills to my team.

Why would you encourage people to choose a career with Cineworld?
I would recommend Cineworld/Starbucks as its place for people to improve on themselves to learn new skills and just feel welcome and part of a team, great perks with staff rewards and special staff incentive.

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