Paul (He/Him)

Paul (He/Him)

General Manager

About Paul

What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Cineworld?
I am currently a General Manager at Cineworld Dalton Park a 7-screen cinema which opened in 2016, I started with Cineworld as an Operations Manager at Middlesbrough in 2016 after almost 20 years managerial experience in the retail sector. I was looking for a fresh challenge and I wanted to broaden my skill sets in a new sector. 1 year on from joining the team at Middlesbrough I made my first move to Dalton Park as a Cinema Manager the same role as operations manager but in a smaller complexity site. My reasons behind joining Dalton were that it was a smaller team which meant that I would need to learn more about the company at a faster pace. This move paid off for me as a year in to my new role and site I was put forward for the Talent Assessment Centres, which would see if I was ready for the next step in my Cineworld career, thankfully I was. Shortly after passing the assessment centre, I was offered the position as DGM at the soon to be opened Cineworld York. This was an excellent opportunity to work in a brand-new site with features such as IMAX, Screen X, ViP & Starbucks. Unfortunately, this opportunity was cut short due to the pandemic, but with every door that closes a new one opens and I was asked to cover Dalton for a second period but this time as acting General Manager, once again a second lockdown ended this secondment. The return from lockdown seen me return to Middlesbrough for a 3rd period as a Cinema Manager, however shortly after we reopened I had the chance to apply for the vacant General Manager position Dalton. I was successful and I am now in my 3rd period as Dalton and my 1st as a General Manager with Cineworld.

What do you enjoy the most about for working for Cineworld?
I love how every day is a different challenge and now two days are the same, the broad spectrum of tasks and responsibilities that you have working for the company makes every day varied and there is always something new and exciting to learn and complete. I love seeing the team around me develop and work their own way up that ranks and been part of their success story.

Why would you encourage people to choose a career with Cineworld?
Cineworld has such varied number of roles within the business and so many sites you have the flexibility to move around the company gaining new skills, this has certainly helped me achieve my aspirations quickly I now look forward to what the future holds. Been part of the magic, people love movies and people love coming to Cineworld this could be the biggest franchises fans on a midnight launch of a blockbuster release or it could be a young child's first ever trip they are all so special and to be part of that and to create an event that they may never forget is priceless and that is what this job gives you.

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