Vivienne (She/Her)

Vivienne (She/Her)

Duty Manager

About Vivienne

What is your current role and tell us about your career to date with Picturehouse?
I have been working for Picturehouse for eight months now, starting on July 9th 2021. I began my career in the cinema industry at 18 in 2017 after being in my previous company for almost 5 years I decided I needed a change and found my home in Picturehouse Central.
Life at Picturehouse central began as a supervisor; in this role I was able to familiarise myself on how to run operations and back-of-house. I was also able to learn new skills such as learning how to run a restaurant and bar, as this was something I had never got to experience on a full scale before.
At Picturehouse I developed the skill to delegate tasks and most importantly how to manage people in the best way possible. I was also able to learn the requirements of running a café and finally learnt how to make a good espresso and have been told by customers that I make mean macchiatos.
After working as a supervisor for four months I was promoted to manager, this allowed me to learn new skills such as HR, compliance, payroll, stock and how to make orders. I have also helped organise and run large scale recruitment and hiring which is always fun. Overall becoming a manager at Picturehouse Central has come with many new challenges but I have enjoyed every last bit of it and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.
What do you enjoy the most about for working for Picturehouse?
I like the fact that their is always something interesting happening - whether that’s a large scale Premiere or smaller private events but also just the range of departments I can work in at Picturehouse Central. I also like that at Picturehouse there is also a chance to learn something new, with the amount of different personalities and people that visit and also work at Picturehouse its hard not to. The perks staff get are also quite good - who doesn’t like watching movies or free!


 Why would you encourage someone to work for Picturehouse?
If you want to to learn several skills all in one place, Picturehouse is the place to do it. There is so much you can do and learn at Picturehouse that you will never be bored. Picturehouse is the one place were I have learnt to make a coffee, make a cocktail and serve popcorn and drinks all in one place. They also encourage and allow everyone to be themselves unapologetically. There is also so many opportunities to meet people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet - this especially applies if your passion is to get into the film industry as you can meet so many aspiring screenwriters, actors/actresses, cinematographers and who knows you may even bump into a celebrity or two.

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